Montjuïc, The Olympic Hill

The name Montjuic comes from the ancient cemetery built by the Jewish community in this mountain of Barcelona, and it ​​literally means Jewish Mountain.

The hill is situated in a strategic location, from there you can clearly see the city and sea.

As a preparation of the International Fair hold in 1929, the area started to become more urbanized and gradually, new leisure, culture, and sports facilities were built.

The hill was formerly a popular attraction park, which today is a public park called Jardins Joan Brossa.

You will find several public gardens and green areas in Montjuïc, besides the Botanic Garden, with many natural native species of spectacular beauty. From the Olympic stadium to the magic fountain of Montjuic, this area is definitely a must-see during your visit.

Discover all areas of interest of the Montjuïc mountain, the public transport schedule and how to reach all the most beautiful spots in the area.