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About the city

There hasn’t been a single report about “Top City Destinations” published in the travel press in the last decade that doesn’t have Barcelona anywhere near the top – and … Continue reading

Getting around in Barcelona

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In Barcelona you will find an extensive network of public transports: the huge network of bus, metro, cable car and much more will allow you to move anywhere …

History and Tradition of Barcelona

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The region of Catalonia, and Barcelonain particular, have a very rich historical, cultural and popular past that makes it unique.

Useful information

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In this section you will find everything you need to know before visiting Barcelona.

Plan your trip

It can be a bit intimidating to visit a foreign city for the first time. We hope that with YourGuideBarcelona’s numerous articles offering tips on planning, advices on the best hotels, … Continue reading

Best time to visit Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the top destination in Europe and can be visited all year long thanks to its pleasant weather.

Food Guide

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Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit for foodies.

Getting here and around

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Finding your path in Barcelona will be easy if you plan a bit ahead.

Where to stay

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If it’s your first time in Barcelona, we recommend you stay in the most central locations, with the best transport connections and easy access the most …


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Areas & districts of Barcelona

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Discover the most emblematic areas and neighborhoods of Barcelona and plan your visit.

Free activities in Barcelona

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Discover all the free activities and attractions in Barcelona and enjoy the city like a local…for free!

Things to see in Barcelona & Highlights

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Discover all the main attractions and highlights of Barcelona! Gothic churches, modern art buildings, public parks, beaches, art centres and museums, monuments, …

Tours and Activities

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Barcelona guided tours

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Find out more about our tours and discover the city of Barcelona with a local guide!

Family Activities

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Catalan Style Going out to eat or sipping a beer on a terrace at the end of the summer evening doesn’t have to mean leaving children with babysitters.

Tickets Barcelona

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Book your tickets online for museums, monuments, sports events, musical and cultural highlights of Barcelona.