Opening hours in Barcelona

Barcelona, as all other Spanish cities has a very special way of life, which can be sometimes completely different to some other European countries habits. Given its extraordinary weather conditions, the days in Barcelona are longer. In this section you will find information about the opening hours of the main business and activities in Barcelona as well as the inhabitants dining habits.

Shops & Businesses

Working Days

Monday to Friday, usually from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm. There are some exception: main stores in central Barcelona kept open until 21:00 pm and remain open at lunch time.


Many shops have the same opening hours on weekdays. Small shops outside the city center are only open in the morning, until 1.30 - 2pm, while shopping malls, department stores and other main shops are open all day.


On Sunday everything is closed with very few exceptions, such as some Sundays during Christmas season or the first Sunday on the sales period. Opened on Sundays: Las Rambla stalls and Souvenirs stores; Maremagnum Shopping Mall located in the Port of Barcelona.


Banks are opening from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 2.30pm. All banks are closed on weekend.

Working hours

In Spain the normal workday is 8 hours per day. Office hours in Barcelona usually are: from 9:00 to 2pm and from 4pm till 7pm.with variations depending on the company. In July and in August many companies have what is called “intensive working hours”, which means that people start working very early in the morning until about 2pm due to the warm weather to allow people to enjoy the beach and summertime in general.

Meal times

In Barcelona anf in Spain in general, meal time is quite late compared to other European countries.


Usually Spanish people start their day with small first breakfast early in the morning before work. By mid-morning, at around 10:00 or 11:00 people usually have a second meal, typically a sandwich, for example the traditional “bikini” (a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese).


The majority of restaurants are open from 1pm, even though the usual time for lunch is about 2-2-30pm. Tradionally, local people of Barcelona order lunch menues on weekdays, the easiest way to get a good meal at a cheap price.


Dinner in Barcelona usually starts from 9pm. Some restaurants open at 7pm, but you will not find any local people at that time.

Tapas in Barcelona

Tapas are not only a typical food, they are a very important tradition all over Spain and a way of life.

Traditionally taps consist in several types of local specialities served in small dishes. In Catalonia and Barcelona city tapas are usually served with pa amb toàquet, a bread slices with tomatoe and olive oil.

The most common ones are: tortilla española (Spanish potatoes omelette) esqueixada (cold fish salad) escalivada (grilled vegetables) jamón (cured ham), fried fresh fish, calamari, small prawns and fried baby squids.

Do you want to try the most delicious tapas in a traditional Spanish restaurant? Try one of our food tours and enjoy local delicacies with a local guide.

Going out

You will always find people on the streets of Barcelona, ​​at any time, in any season but summer will always play a special role in the Spanish culture due to the amazing weather conditions. Local people usually go out for drinks from 18:00 or 19:00, after work . Bars and Pubs are closing at 12pm during the week, and at 3.00 in the morning on weekends. Clubs are often closing later.