Columbus Monument Barcelona

The monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous monuments of Barcelona.

It was built by Gaietà Buigas Monravà in 1886, in occasion of the First International Fair Exhibition of Barcelona, held in 1888.

It is located opposite to the harbor, in Plaza del Portal de la Pau, at the end of the main Avenue of the Gothic Quarter, the famous Rambla.

The Columbus Monument is 60 meters height, the statue of Columbus is located on top of an iron column, pointing at the Sea with his right hand.

It has a huge base decorate with many sculptures showing the most important members of Columbus expedition, as well as native Americans.

There are also some lions in the lower part of the monument, representing the power of the Spanish Kingdom and Catholic Kings and their role in the discovery of America.

An elevator connects the base of the monument with top of it.

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How to get there


Plaça del Portal de la Pau 08002 Barcelona.

Public transport

Metro: Line 3, stop Drassanes.

Buses: 14 20 21 36 57 59 64 91120157