Monuments & Museums of Barcelona

Barcelona offers a very rich cultural and artistic diversity and, of course, it has a huge variety of museums and art centres all over the city.

You will find several type of museums: the museums dedicated to emblematic artists like Antoni Gaudi, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró; the ones showing art concerning the history of the city and the region Catalonia; or just those with a different content, such as the famous Barcelona's Wax Museum or the museum the dedicated to the famous Football Club of the city, the FC Barcelona's Museum.

This little guide will help you choose which museum is best for your interests.

Apart from the cultural, artistic and historical Museums you can also find other kind of museums in the city such as the Science Museum.

It is important to know that on Sunday afternoon you have free access to museums managed by the Ayuntamiendo of Barcelona. For further information see our section Free Museums Barcelona.

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