Antoni Gaudí Monuments

Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) was the most important and influential architect of the early XXth Century in Barcelona.

Considered a genius by many and a madman by others, its role in the history of art is undeniable. With his immense creativity and originality, he influenced the art of Barcelona. All of his monuments have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. We created a selection of the most important buildings and masterpieces of Gaudì, most of them also have a dedicated section if you want to deepen your knowledge or find out more about the Catalan genius architect's monuments.

Sagrada Familia

Carrer de Mallorca, No. 401, Barcelona

A very well-known symbol of Barcelona, la Sagrada Familia was the most ambitious project of Antoni Gaudí, who dedicated his body and entire soul to build it. The Sagrada Familia became his masterpiece and obsession until the end of his days. Today, although still under construction, the church remains one of the most fascinating and spectacular buildings of Barcelona.

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Casa Batlló

Passeig de Gràcia, No. 45, Barcelona.

Casa Batllò is the most colourful house built by the brilliant architect for the Batlló family, bourgeois industrialists in 1904. This building is the symbol of modern art movement for its forms and colors.

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Casa Milà - La Pedrera

Carrer Provence, No. 261-265, Barcelona.

Casa Milà is the last civil project of Gaudí before devoting himself to the Sagrada Familia project. La Pedrera is the most impressive stone building of Barcelona made by the architect.

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Park Guell

Carrer d’Olot s / n, Barcelona.

Park Guell is said to be the most beautiful monument in the city of Barcelona. It is the perfect union between nature and architecture, born as city garden neighbourhood project, eventually transformed into a public park.

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Palau Guell

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, No. 3-5, Barceona

Count Eusebi Güell’s residence and his family, was one of the first artworks of Gaudí in the city. The inside of the house and terrace were the places chosen by the artist to let his imagination and extreme creativity fly; especially all over the chimneys, with impossible shapes and colors.

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Pabellons Güell

Avinguda de Pedralbes No. 7, Barcelona

La Finca Güell was the first work by Gaudí for Mr. Güell. The spectacular iron gateway, representing a dragon writhing through the iron bars is particularly remarkable.

Casa Vicenç

Carrer Carolines, No. 24, Barcelona

Casa Vicenç is a red brick building, with remarkable green and white decorative elements that adorn the roof and the the windows of the house-tower. Owned by the ceramist industrialist Mr. Manel Vincenç, the house is a beautiful tribute to the industrial activity of its owner. Made in 1888, it is the first of the major works of Gaudi’s career, surprisingly inspired by oriental and Moorish decos.

Casa Calvet

Carrer de Casp, No. 48, Barcelona

Casa Calvet was constructed between 1898 and 1900 and belongs to the first period of Gaudí’s art. Its structure and pure lines, light colour and overall look is more serious than the other Gaudi buildings.

Torre Bellesguard

Carrer del Bellesguard, No. 16, Barcelona

Located in a privileged location with magnificent views of the city, lives up to its name, since the Catalan word Bellesguard means literally beautiful views.