La Sardana, Catalunia’s National Dance

The National Dance of Catalonia is popularly known as La Sardana.

It is danced forming a circle, all participants holding their hands, and stepping forward and back and turning around.

The dance is accompanied by the sound of some special instruments, known as The Cobla.

The Sardana comes from an old traditional dance original from the 16th Century, called The Contrapàs (Contrapaso). The Sardana was the final part of this dance, and it was much longer than it is today.

The creation of the current dance comes from the 19th Century by the Catalan musician and composer Pep Ventura.

In Barcelona, the Sardana is danced in the streets on special occasions, for example during the Catalan National Day (11th September) or during La Mercè, the festival of the patroness of the city.

The dance is usually taking place in historical sites such as the Plaça Nova (Cathedral Square) and Plaça Sant Jaume.

If you want to see this dance during your stay in Barcelona you can go to Plaça Nova (Cathedral Square) where on Sundays morninga dance groups called Collas will perform the dance.