Catalonia’s National Day

Catalonia's National Day is celebrated on September 11th and takes place all over the city but mostly in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, the hearth of the city.

The City Council Palace and the Generalitat of Catalonia or Government Palace, located in the Plaça Sant Jaume, are the main stage of this day.

The National Day of Catalonia commemorates the resistance of Catalonia during the Succession War, specially the city of Barcelona that remained under siege for over a year by the Bourbon troops.

After thirteen months of siege, the city of Barcelona surrendered to the troops of Philip V the Bourbon king, on September 11th of 1714.

The amazing resistance of the city impressed Europe, and it is exactly the courage and the bravery of the Catalan troups that is commemorated on this day.

During that day Castells(human towers) rise up all over the city, the Sardana, the National dance is danced in the main squares, and many public events are held in major cities in Catalonia.

Most of the balconies of the houses are decorated with hanging flags of Catalonia, waving the four red stripes on a yellow background that characterize it.

Fosar de les Moreres

Another special place that is very important on this day is the common cemetery known with the name of Fosar de Les Moreres, located close to the Gothic church of Santa Maria del Mar, in the district of La Ribera.

This was the place where many members of the resistance lost their lives and where then were buried with no honor at all, since they were considered traitors.

Nowadays, a monument topped with a permanent flame to remember them forever.