The neighboorhood of Barceloneta

La Barceloneta is a neighboorhood of the Ciudad Vella area in Barcelona. The Barceloneta includes the old harbor, Port Vell, on one side, and a beautiful beach on the other side.

The neighborhood was built on the 18th century for the residents of the Ribera neighborhood because the area was being rebuilt to include the Ciutadella of Barcelona. Fishermen used to live in this area as it close to the sea and the harbour. Nowaday the Barceloneta is one of the most trendy districts of the city, the perfect spot to have a drink on the beach and enjoy a paella or some delicious tapas in one of the beachfront restaurants.

In the area you will also find a lot of sporty activities for example one free open-air gym as well as water sports rentals like surf boards, water scooters and much more.

At the end of the day you can enjoy a sunset walk along the beach and after dinner you will find several clubs and bars.

Things to do in the Barceloneta

Port Vell and its Marina

Visit the Marina in Port Vell, walk the area between the Museum of Catalan History and the Columbus Monument and enjoy the attractions and boats at the port. Port Vell (meaning 'old port') is one of Barcelona's touristic hotspots. This trendy area is the perfect spot to enjoy some delicious seafood and do some shopping in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Near the Columbus Monument you will find the starting point of the excursion boats and the bridge that leads to the Maremagnum shopping mall and the aquarium.

Museum of Catalan History

The Museum of Catalan History, situated in the red-brick building right in front of the numerous white yachts of Port Vell, shows the roots and development of Catalonia from prehistoric times to the modern era. Apart from the rich and well-presented museum displays, the building has an observation deck and a restaurant on the top floor from which you can enjoy the picturesque view.

Ciutadella Park

Parc de la Ciutadella is a beautiful green oasis in the city. It is the perfect place to relax, recharge and go for long walks as well as a picnic. The park includes a little lake where you can enjoy a little rowing boat adventure.

Relax at the beach

The first thing you probably think about this area are its emblematic beaches.

The area is made up of four beaches. The beach of Sant Sebastià is the closest to the famous hotel W Barcelona. The most popular one remains the beach of Barceloneta, with its wide stretch of sand where locals and tourists enjoy sunbathing and sport activities.

Visit the iconic Hotel W

The Hotel W opened in 2009 and is the most iconic, luxurious hotel of Barcelona with the best view of the city on the sea. The building is very succesful and won the award as the best architectural project among hotels in Europe. However the there are several critiques and scandals around it: the hotel was said to be constructed too close to the sea and violated all the laws of private housing, plus some ecologists want it to be demolished.

Visit the historical center

The historical center of La Barceloneta is worth a walk to get a taste of the walled-back architecture here, compared to the aristocratic houses of the neighboring El Born and L'Eixample. This area also include many traditional restaurant where you will have the chance to try out traditional local food and tapas. We recommend trying a guided food tour to avoid tourist traps and expensive restaurants.

The market of La Barceloneta

The market of La Barceloneta, in the historic center of the city, is the place to go for fresh seafood, tasty cheeses, meats and specialty foods such as olives and oils. The market building is modern and is built in a sustainable manner using solar power. In the market there are a few good seafood restaurants.

Enjoy a delicious paella

La Barceloneta is the perfect spot to enjoy a drink at sunset or to try a delicious paella with fresh seafood and local ingredients. Read more about the best terrazas in the city in our dedicated section.

L’Aquàrium Barcelona

L'Aquàrium Barcelona (Aquarium of Barcelona) is one of the largest in Europe and hosts more than 11,000 species of fish and sea creatures. Don't miss the huge oceanarium, 36 meters in diameter and five meters in depth, where you will be able to observe the wild marine animals.

Take a cable car to Montjuïc

There is a cable car stop on the beach of Sant Sebastià, from where you can take a stunning trip to the hill of Montjuïc and enter the observation platform near the hotel of Miramar. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Barcelona from an unusual perspective.

Barceloneta Hoteles

La zona de la Barceloneta es una de las mejores zonas para alojarse en Barcelona si quieres disfrutar de días soleados en la playa. En nuestra sección de dónde alojarse encontrará varios hoteles, pero estos dos lujosos alojamientos son nuestros favoritos en la zona:

- Hotel W

- Hotel Arts Barcelona